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Full Version: Tutorial 2: Screen Recording
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Tutorial 2

How to: Record images from screen

The Setup.

If you don't have it already, download Loopscicle for free.
Start Loopscicle.exe

Step 1.

Click 'add to project' and select 'Screen Recording'

[Image: W6m4DFI.gif]

Step 2.

 Move the recording window-frame ontop of what you want to record. Size the border to encompass all that
you want to record. Click 'Start Recording' or press spacebar. When you've reached the point you'd like to stop recording,
click 'stop' or hit 'escape'. If you want to keep what you have recorded, select 'Add to Project', or continue recording by clicking 'Continue'.
If you are not satisfied with your recording, click the 'x' to close the recording session.

[Image: 1uqrzDi.gif]

Step 3.

Drag the new source folder into the timeline to create an animation track from the recorded frames.

[Image: ygY9AIU.gif]

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