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Tutorial 4: Lens Flares
Tutorial 4

How To: Add some lens flare effects to your animation

Download and install Loopscicle for free
Run Loopscicle.exe

Step 1.

You will need your own set of individual lens flare textures. Add these to your project.

Step 2.

Drag the lens flare textures from your source window onto the Timeline to create a new track. Stretch the track to last as long
as you want your lens flare to last. Lens flares automatically fade-out as they move off camera.

[Image: tpOmlra.gif]

Step 3.

right-click your new track and select Convert To -> Lens Flare. The individual frames of your track now make up the flares of your lens. 
A new set of variables has also been exposed under the track properties exposing keyframes for setting the locations and scales of the individual flares.

[Image: XYIJsJe.gif]

Step 4.

Now set the blend-mode to 'Additive' to achieve a bright flare with the black areas made transparent.

[Image: plRDuEM.gif]

Step 5.

Position your lens flare and enjoy. Now by moving only the camera, any objects as well as the lens flare will move 
in sync and the lens flare will obey camera visibility.

[Image: AMRNhUq.gif]

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