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Tutorial 3: Greenscreen
Tutorial 3

How To: Remove green from your video (green-screen or blue or red or luminance)

Download and install Loopscicle for free
Run Loopscicle.exe

Step 1.
Drag source files into the Timeline to create a track.

[Image: 3yLxscO.gif]

Step 2.
Right-click and select 'Advanced Rendering'

[Image: oFnThzb.gif]

Step 3.

Click 'Add NEW Code Block' and select 'Green Screen' from the dropdown menu.
All majority green pixels are now transparent on the track.

[Image: iUUm04K.gif]

Step 4. (Optional)

In the Advanced Rendering window you can write Pixel Shader 3.0 code that will be run for each track pixel rendered.
More help is available by clicking "Show Help" and in further tutorials

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